Introducing Da Dip Stick! Revolutionizing the Sport of Long Boarding!

See Da Dip Stick in Action!


e would like to introduce our “Game Changing” product called the “Dip Stick.” Also known as a Land Paddle, The Dip Stick is set to revolutionize the sport of long boarding. Skilled boarders and novices alike will benefit from the stick’s patented spring loaded action tip,

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Robbie Weir Returns to the Ramp


he line from Field of Dreams has been quoted so much it’s lost its meaning: “If you build it, they will come.” But this saying is absolutely true for Robbie Weir and his backyard skating ramp. The Florida Hall of Fame skateboarder’s life story has been chronicled

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The Book:
Miami Inverted


Skateboarder’s Retrospective
Tony Hawk has his video games, Bam Margera has his  MTV show, the Z-Boys reigned over Dogtown, but for Robbie Weir the Skate- boarder, it was all about the passion. Weir will shred you through the history of East Coast

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