The Book:
Miami Inverted


Skateboarder’s Retrospective
Tony Hawk has his video games, Bam Margera has his  MTV show, the Z-Boys reigned over Dogtown, but for Robbie Weir the Skate- boarder, it was all about the passion. Weir will shred you through the history of East Coast skateboarding in his new book, “Miami Inverted’ A Skateboarder’s Retrospective.

Known as “The Burger King Kid” due to an infamous commerical he shot during his teenage years for the burger giant, Weir offers his take on the skating scene of Miami during the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. While Tony Alva, Jay Adams and Stacy Peralta were freestyling their way into Southern California infamy,Weir and his buddies were discovering their new found talents on urethane wheels. As a wide-eyed middle class kid who enjoyed “umbrella jumping” from the roof his parents home near the Everglades, Weir had an epiphany one sunny day while watching his new neighbor, Robert Rodriguez, performing unbelievable feats on his skateboard. This began a new friendship, and would soon unlock a passion inside of Weir that would help him to become of the great Florida skaters.Miami Inverted details the history of skateboarding in South Florida as seen through the daredevil eyes of Robbie Weir.

From learning tricks, such as the layback air, frontside air and the ollie, to making friends with some of the premier Florida skaters, including Alan “Ollie” Gelfand, Monty Nolder and Dan Murray, Weir was in the middle of a new sport that would become one of the main pastimes for kids throughout the world. The book follows him through training, competitions, movie stunts and fashion shoots.

Within the pages of this book, readers witness the rise of the sport as well as the way it creates community and offers kids another option to the dangers of the streets.

A captivating retrospective filled with some never before seen photos and anecdotes, Miami Inverted details how skateboarding changed the face of suburbia and helped launch one kid from the Everglades to prominence.

Weir has traveled on his skateboard everywhere. A gifted athelete from early on, he picked up his board at age 11 and never looked back. After the commercials, films, videos, magazines and this book, he still calls Miami his home. Simply put, its a skateboard story in a feel good book. With many twists and exhausting turns, it is well worth the ride.

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