19 Apr 2012

See the Dip Stick in Action!

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e would like to introduce our “Game Changing” product called the “Dip Stick.” Also known as a Land Paddle, The Dip Stick is set to revolutionize the sport of long boarding. Skilled boarders and novices alike will benefit from the stick’s patented spring loaded action tip,which not only serves to propel the rider by maximizing their expended energy, but the sturdy design also serves to physically protect the user by absorbing their repeated impact with the ground.

This user-friendly device has a custom, free-spinning wheel at the tip, which allows the rider to use their imagination when it comes to carving up any kind of indoor or outdoor surface. Using the Dip Stick also makes for safer riding by helping the boarder to better control rates of speed, especially down-hill and by acting as an outrigger when maneuvering corners and other turns. Once you use your Dip Stick…your days of long boarding will never be the same! Read more…

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